On this project I had the opportunity to once again work my friends at Pluto for Chevy's Centennial campaign. I really enjoyed grading these spots, and working on developing each of the looks was a fun challenge.

Shot with the Arri Alexa camera in Log-C which allowed for a wide range of color information to work with in post.

Goodby, Silverstein + Partners
Producer: Patrick O'Brien
Executive Producer: Jamie McCarthy
Terry Hughes
Art Director: Jeannine Caesar
CD: Michael Corbielle
Account: Alex Plewinski, Kara Conway, Miya Petrovic

Avalon Films
Director: Anthony Garth
Producer: Shannon Cragin
Executive Producer: Audrey Pask
Production Supervisor: Trish Weinstock

Editorial: Chris Chynoweth
Producer: Laura Hochthanner

Executive Producer: Christine Sheridan
Editorial: Paul Petrucci
VFX + Finish: Zack Jacobs
Colorist: Colin Travers
Editor Assistant: Chris Rosik