"Welcome to Pine Hill," premiered in 2012 at the Slamdance Film Festival where it won the Grand Jury Prize. It went on to win a total of five Jury prizes in the festival circuit playing at Seattle International Film Festival 2012 receiving the FIPRESCI Jury Prize, Atlanta Film Festival 
2012 where it received the Grand Jury Prize, Nashville Film Festival 2012 where it received Honorable Mention and the Sarasota Film Festival 2012 where it received the Jury Prize for Best Performance. Distribution for the film is handled by Oscilloscope in the U.S. and Sundance International for International. The film is available on Netflix as well.

Bleeding reality into fiction, Welcome To Pine Hill follows Shannon Harper, a recently-reformed drug dealer on a quest to make peace with the streets of his past and find clarity in the woods of Upstate, New York. Forging through urban and rural landscapes, the film offers an intimate and meditative portrait of one young man's confrontation with mortality and journey to freedom.

Keith Miller (Director, Writer, Editor)    
Elisabeth Holm (Producer)
Alex Ramírez-Mallis (Cinematographer, Associate Producer) 
Colin Travers (Colorist)
Lily Henderson, Begonia Colomar (Cinematographers)
Adam Uhl (Camera Assistant)
Michael Rosen (Composer)
Shani Hashaviah (Co-producer)
Russell Miller Executive Producer
Lee Weinstein, Shelley Holm, Steven Holm, Gary Katz, Ann Oster (Associate Producers)
Mark Corbin (Sound Supervisor and Re-recording Mixer)
Adam Welz Additional (Sound Editing)